Welcome to Northfire Recording Studio, a world-class audio production facility located in western Massachusetts. We have lots of information about the studio on the site, but we love to show the studio in person, so feel free to get in touch with us from our contact form, or by phone at 413.256.0404 directly to learn more or arrange a tour of the studio.

Our Philosophy

Music is an emotional expression. Sonics play a major role in determining the personality and feel of any recorded music, so we tailor the sound we capture and create for each artist, album, and song. When the sound is right in lockstep with the song, the barrier between musician and listener melts away. That's why we ask "what do you want this to feel like?" at least as often as we ask "what do you want this to sound like?"

This philosophy has guided us from the very beginning.  Even before our first client stepped into the studio, we worked diligently to create a special environment. Collaborating with world-renowned acoustician and architect Michael Blackmer, we designed the studio to be a sonically flexible space so it can accommodate any sound from big and live to close and intimate
. We also put a lot of though and effort into the feel of the spaces, and as a result Northfire is a very comfortable, relaxing place to work. Our equipment collection is broad, with a wide variety of high-end mics, outboard gear, and instruments for when inspiration strikes. Most importantly, our engineers are well versed in their art, expert at their craft, and understanding of the needs of our clients.


In December of last year we completed some major renovations here at the studio. We split our storage room in half - one half is now a wonderfully dry and clean sounding isolation booth. The other half (and we are all super-excited about this) is the home to our new 2-inch analog tape machine. It's a Studer A800, formerly of Bearsville studio, now of Northfire. It's all set up, wired, and calibrated, and has been sounding great. There are a number of ways to integrate it into a project, and we look forward to exploring them all; we can track to it and then transfer to Pro Tools for editing and mix flexibility, we can record to Pro Tools and pass through the tape machine as a stage to get the analog tape coloration, we can do projects start-to-finish on it, etc. It adds a really gorgeous thickness and richness to what goes through it, and the weight and heft the tape compression adds to drums is just plain awesome.

Another big installation project that was part of the renovation was our new headphone system. We are now running an Aviom system in parallel with our existing system. With the Aviom, every musician has their own personal mixer and can adjust their headphone balance right from where they stand.

A selection of 2013 releases

Tony Lee Thomas - Temet Nosce
Carrie Ferguson - The List of Whales
Show of Cards - Something Better
Moving Violations - Elasticity
Elixir - Anybody's Guess
Gary Roodman - Good Friends
Young Tricksters - Ripples
The Primate Fiasco - The Adventures of…
Kathleen & Jim Fownes - Light Reaction
Carolyn Walker - Resolution
The Mary Jane Jones - Shake
The Zumbyes - Good Memory Times
Iza Jane - Dirty Hands
Lydia Ievins & Andrea Larson - Fika
Credible Evidence - Are You Ready
Heather Reichgott
Jackie Odess-gillett - A Healing Wind
Doug Abrams
Rebel Alliance
Jay Bonti
The Sage Project
Giddens Ratteau
Everyday Poet
The Bluestockings